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Katherm ID
Heating Cooling Ventilation

Trench heating used as induction duct.

Katherm ID
Your benefits:
  • Extremely quiet thanks to air flow-optimised nozzles

  • Low investment and maintenance costs

  • Introduction of supply air with post-cooling/heating by induction

Key features

  • Low noise operation thanks to sound-optimised nozzles
  • Low investment costs (saving of rotating parts and motors)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ideal when combined with slower systems, such as concrete core activation
  • Low noise supply air with post-heating and cooling
  • A matching edge profile for a perfect design with every grille


  • Induction floor ducts for effective ventilation, heating and cooling
  • Convector with supply air connection for the supply of preconditioned primary air
  • Conditioned supply of primary air ensures a fresh indoor climate at all times of the year
  • Effective cold air screening of large windows
  • A choice of air connection: 1 or 2 supply air spigots, each Ø 100 mm, room-side
  • Special mounting feet for variable height adjustment


  • Primarily used in office and administration buildings
  • Space-saving thanks to the installation of ducts in the raised floor, thereby making better use of the space
  • Trench lengths: 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm and 1600 mm
  • Overall frame width: 340 mm and trench height: 180 mm, other dimensions on request
  • 4-pipe system (2-pipe system on request)

... also good to know

  • Project solutions are available for all geometries with mitred corners, curved designs, column recesses or chamfered trenches
  • Replaceable nozzles for adaptable air volumes following a change of use
  • Possible subsequent installation and maintenance of volumetric flow limiters in the supply air box
  • Supply lines can be run within the raised floor


More information on cooling

Technical catalogues
Katherm ID trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 8,44 MB
Cross-product information
Overview product innovations 2017, products internationaldownload as.pdf, 2,41 MB
Spezial Hoteldownload as.pdf, 2,20 MB
Spezial Hoteldownload as.pdf, 2,41 MB
TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2008download as.pdf, 140,21 KB
Building product declaration Katherm trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 333,01 KB
EU Declaration of Conformity Katherm QL/ID, Kavent BA trench heatingdownload as.pdf, 1,08 MB