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Radiant heating for industrial buildings, sports halls and high-ceilinged buildings.

Your benefits:
  • Pleasant perception of temperature due to radiation

  • Certified heat outputs registered by DIN CERTCO, Keymark certified

  • possible with integrated LED lighting


  • pleasant temperature sensation thanks to thermal radiation, at the same time as saving money
  • minimal air movement, therefore no swirling dust and draughts
  • no risk of fire or explosion
  • maintenance-free operation
  • no space needed on the floor and walls
  • low floor-to-ceiling temperature stratification (approx. 0.2 K/m)
  • good control due to smaller volumes of water
  • possible with integrated LED lighting


  • made of 1.0 mm thick cold-rolled sheet steel with semi-circular grooves for optimum seating of the tubes in the panel
  • 60 - 70% thermal radiation
  • pipes connected using compression fittings or by welding
  • cover plates for joints, manifolds and headers
  • ball-deflecting cover for panels prevents balls becoming caught (e.g. in sports halls)
  • perforated designs for lower noise levels and shorter reverberation time, includes trickle protection


Technical catalogues
Galaxis radiant ceiling panelsdownload as.pdf, 5,49 MB
Spezial Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, screen-optimizeddownload as.pdf, 2,23 MB
Cross-product information
Product overview, products internationaldownload as.pdf, 5,87 MB
Overview product innovations 2017, products internationaldownload as.pdf, 2,41 MB
Spezial Logistics buildingsdownload as.pdf, 830,76 KB
Spezial sports halldownload as.pdf, 2,25 MB
Installation manuals
Galaxisdownload as.pdf, 3,94 MB
TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2008download as.pdf, 140,21 KB
EU Declaration of Conformity Galaxis radiant ceiling panelsdownload as.pdf, 706,43 KB
Product certificate Galaxis radiant ceiling panelsdownload as.pdf, 67,52 KB
CAD drawings
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 300 mmdownload as.dwg, 116,53 KB.dxf, 923,22 KB.pdf, 104,19 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 450 mmdownload as.dwg, 128,00 KB.dxf, 1,00 MB.pdf, 108,45 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 600 mmdownload as.dwg, 139,72 KB.dxf, 1,17 MB.pdf, 109,81 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 750 mmdownload as.dwg, 137,22 KB.dxf, 1,22 MB.pdf, 109,65 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 900 mmdownload as.dwg, 120,03 KB.dxf, 1019,03 KB.pdf, 116,01 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 1050 mmdownload as.dwg, 193,75 KB.dxf, 1,68 MB.pdf, 117,94 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 1200 mmdownload as.dwg, 168,88 KB.dxf, 1,49 MB.pdf, 118,24 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 1350 mmdownload as.dwg, 221,41 KB.dxf, 1,88 MB.pdf, 124,18 KB
Galaxis radiant ceiling panels, panel width 1500 mmdownload as.dwg, 230,63 KB.dxf, 2,05 MB.pdf, 124,85 KB
Galaxis radiant panels, accessoriesdownload as.dwg, 375,30 KB.dxf, 2,83 MB.pdf, 99,78 KB
Technical details

This table only gives you a brief overview of the technical data. If you are looking for a more detailed product description and further technical data, please use the technical catalogue.

How can radiant ceiling panels produce a particularly pleasant warm feeling?

The effect of radiant ceiling panels is comparable to heat radiation from the sun. The radiation penetrates through the air and warms up the surrounding surfaces, objects etc. These, in turn, emit the stored heat to the surrounding air that warms up and slowly rises. The heat is dispersed evenly and produces no draughts; instead it produces a wonderful feeling of comfort. For people in this area, this means that they perceive a temperature of around 2-4 K higher at ground level underneath the radiant ceiling panels. As a result the nominal heat load is reduced. These units are especially effective when used in conjunction with a decentralised air conditioning concept. For example Airblock C can offer this in conjunction with centraliased heat recovery.

How are larger panel lengths achieved?

By joining several radiant ceiling panel elements together lengths of up to 50 metres can be achieved. The steel water pipes are connected on site with press fittings or by welding.

What does the Keymark certification for Galaxis radiant ceiling panels mean?

The heat outputs of Galaxis radiant ceiling panels have been tested by the HLK Stuttgart research company for compliance with DIN EN 14037, have been registered by DIN CERTCO and are monitored by Keymark certification registration no. 011-8D003. This certification means that Galaxis radiant ceiling panels comply with European standards. The associated regular product testing and monitoring of production control provides additional security for customers.