Hybrid ECO System

Hybrid ECO System

bidirectional ventilation unit with heat recovery

The Kampmann Hybrid ECO system

The benefits at a glance

The Hybrid ECO system is a bidirectional ventilation system with efficient heat recovery, although the temperature is controlled system by decentralised units inside the room and not by the central ventilation unit.


How it works

The air handling unit used is employed for pure heat recovery and ventilation and blows the air out through a duct system around 10 cm above the secondary air (recirculation) fan of an air heater. The ventilation unit runs when ventilation is needed, while the secondary air unit heats or cools the fresh supply air. Only the secondary air unit runs if only heating or cooling is needed.

Secondary air mode avoids excessive ductwork to the heating coil with its associated air resistance, such as bypasses and long air ducts.


The Hybrid ECO system is a cost-effective useful alternative to a centralised ventilation system in which the temperature is controlled centrally by the ventilation unit.


Benefits of centralised ventilation unit with heat recovery:

  • reduced air duct sizes
  • less space required for AHU
  • long filter lifetimes
  • efficient thermal conditioning by decentralised units
  • reduced energy consumption

Uses of the Hybrid ECO system:




The components of the Kampmann Hybrid ECO system are modular in design:


Possible centralised ventilation systems


Possible units for decentralised temperature control




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