New products 2015: Configure KaClima online

Find the right model of KaClima chiller simply and easily with the help of the new Product Configurator

Assisting you in project planning!

Take advantage of our services and move your project on with just a few clicks. Make use of the Product Configurator for the new KaClima chiller from Kampmann. Find the model of KaClima you need for your project with just a couple of clicks. 


It couldn't be simpler

Manually select the values you need from the given options or adjust them to meet your requirements by moving the output slider. The number of matching products is further restricted with each additional parameter. Once you have sufficiently filtered

your selection, press "Select configuration" to obtain a table for comparison of the available products.


This overview provides all performance data, including prices of the corresponding KaClima models. The summary finally presents all the relevant information on your desired product. Then either print out the result or download the relevant specifications. Jump from here to further downloads or accessories.


Click here for the Chiller Product Configurator:

Configure KaClima now


Product details on the KaClima are available here. More information on the chiller/heat pump product line here.


… It's good to know

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