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Regulation of the humidity inside a building is hugely important in churches and historic buildings so as not to damage the delicate interior. We understand the values that have to be respected in these buildings and can offer comprehensive advice.

If the humidity limits – both up and down – in the relevant buildings cannot be maintained, it can result in serious problems, particularly with regard to the interior fittings and furnishings. We can help you to avoid this!

In churches, for example, the relative humidity should not permanently fall below 40 percent, as otherwise the interior wood or the organ could dry out. To prevent damage to organs and other fittings and furnishings, the required moisture level needs to be introduced by artificial humidification or targeted ventilation – that's your task.

Other examples include books and documents in libraries or works of art in museums, which can also experience severe damage from incorrect humidity.

Our knowledge and expertise can spare you from this kind of damage! We are familiar with the values to be adhered to in these building and can offer you professional advice in the choice of the right system. Get in touch with us!