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Time for chilling

Time for chilling

The opportunity for HVAC tradespeople: Become a cooling professional now!

Working as an air conditioning professional.

The air conditioning market has been growing at a rapid pace for some years now. A major sector of the market is dominated by direct evaporation systems, such as split air conditioning units or VRV/VRF systems. These systems require knowledge of cooling circuits, certification of the company and personnel for installation, maintenance and repair.


Therefore, not all tradespeople can operate in this sub-sector of the market. By contrast, air conditioning without direct evaporation and using chillers can be provided without these requirements. You already have everything you need for this:


  • Expertise for the design and installation of decentralised equipment in rooms.
  • Knowledge of hydraulics (for which we offer a ready-made solution with our ‘hydraulics box’)
  • Customers who you have already been advising for years on heating, ventilation and plumbing
  • A reliable supplier who can provide you with everything you need: Kampmann.


The advantage of using chillers in conjunction with water-based indoor units is that the amount of refrigerant is reduced to the absolute minimum, i.e. to the cooling process within the chiller. Only water flows through the pipework within the building to the indoor units. The principle does not just make sense in terms of energy savings but also reduces the risk of leaks and the extent of the prescribed annual inspection.


You’re probably thinking: “I already struggle with whether I’m coming or going. Why do I want to take on board another skill?” Well actually because this current situation offers you a unique opportunity. If you don’t enter the air conditioning market now, you will be foregoing this opportunity for ever. And as the heating market is starting to decline in importance due to the increasingly low energy consumption in buildings, as a cooling professional you will be well positioned for the future.



Simply made cool

The Kampmann Group is showcasing the most diverse solutions for air conditioning based on water as a natural refrigerant. Water is both environmentally-friendly and also saves costs. Water-based systems enable various systems to be combined using chilled ceilings, fan coils, ceiling cassettes or trench heaters.


Nova’s air handling units with innovative Ka2O technology also rely on water using the principle of adiabatic cooling. The focus is on the Kampmann hydraulic box. It is the connecting element and already features all the components you need including system separator, speed-controlled pump and safety valve – thereby simplifying installation.


Ask your local contact to advise you on our cooling solutions.


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The thing about hydraulics…

We make it easy for you: our ‘Hydraulic box” takes the pressure off you when setting up the hydraulic system. It includes all the key components you require, including a system separator, pump and safety valve. Installation is simplified and speeded up – operational safety is guaranteed.


Kampmann Baustein

  • Three sizes (12, 20 and 35 kW)
  • Combining them increases the output further
  • Vapour diffusion-tight insulated impact-resistant housing
  • Speed-controlled, energy-saving circulation pump
  • Sources of error are reduced – installation times shortened



….easier than you think!




Gain an overview of the Kampmann products that are ideal for cooling as well as heating. The selection ranges from air handling units to fan coils.


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More facts and figures about cooling

As you have already seen, the issue of cooling is an exhaustive one. That’s why we’d like to provide you with more information at this point.






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